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An opportunity to support measurable initiatives for minorities in our community.

What Our Partners Say

“The Topeka Police Department is proud of the partnership we have established with the Strategic Leadership Academy. Topeka Police Department individuals who have participated in the Academy have been open to innovative ways of leading, supervising and visualizing how an organization can and should be led during difficult times. This has been very beneficial to the future leaders of the agency.”

Bill Cochran Chief
Topeka Police Department

“This training was incredibly impactful and memorable. If you want to make a positive change in the community, you need a quality network of support. Thanks to the relationships I’ve built from this class, I’ve greatly increased and improved my network — and future community impact.”

Lt. Robert Simmons
Director of Training
Topeka Police Department
Strategic Leadership Academy Class of 2019

“Topeka needs people who are invested in the community, who are working hard to make it a better community.”

Cody Foster
Co-founder of Advisors Excel
Supporter of the Strategic Leadership Academy

“Strategic Leadership Academy has given me a three-dimensional outlook on what it means to lead with purpose. Hands down, it’s been one of the greatest leadership-development experiences I’ve had!”

Manny Herron
Infinite Properties Group LLC
Strategic Leadership Academy Class of 2019

Our Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity and support of our community sponsors:


We also are grateful to the following individuals
for their unwavering support of our mission:

  • Bill Cochran, chief of the Topeka Police Department
  • Rep. Willie Dove, Kansas District 38
  • Cody Foster, co-founder, Advisors Excel
  • Mary Thomas, executive director, Community Resources Council

Topeka/Shawnee County Police-Community Relations Initiative

A collaborative initiative showing how a community can successfully work through heated issues by utilizing strategic concepts to maximize the strengths of our diverse citizenship.

In 2019, participants in the Strategic Leadership Academy selected “Police-Community Relations” as their class project. After researching and gathering information on the topic, the class concluded that a high level of community engagement around the issue would enhance the overall community.

As a result, members of the Strategic Leadership Academy developed an initial police-community relations plan, with the intent of sharing it throughout the community. Our goal is to become active participants in building bridges of support, respect and trust between local law enforcement and citizens of our community.


“The Topeka Police Department is proud to support the efforts of the Strategic Leadership Academy and its Police-Community Relations Initiative. By collaborating with community leaders and organizations to gain the community’s perspective on issues, the Initiative is working to provide solutions to improve the quality of life of everyone in the Topeka and Shawnee County area.”

Bill Cochran
Topeka Police Department 


Stats from Topeka’s Strategic Leadership Academy

Class I    Graduated 2018: 7 Participants

Class II   Graduated 2020: 9 Participants

Class III  Graduation Year 2021: Presently in session, has 17 participants

20+ Graduates and participants serving on Community Boards

Total Impact on Community: